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We can probably find the right development partner for you. And if you’re not building a rocket, we’re 100% convinced we know someone who can help you.

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If you need an external software development partner to extend the capabilities of your team, we can match you with the right company for the job. Quickly.

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All the development teams in our network undergo a thorough evaluation process. As a result, once we have assessed your project and in-house team’s needs, we can easily match both with the appropriate teams in our network.

Dedicated Account Manager

112hub started from a simple observation – to be efficient, account management should be decoupled from the development and client teams. Our account managers will be 100% focused on the project’s wellbeing.

Predictable Costs

Due to the nature of team scaling, cost fluctuations are a constant threat to a project’s health. To circumvent this class of risk, all our fees are flat.

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Due to the private nature of our work, we cannot reveal the names of our clients on the public website. However, we are more than happy to introduce you to some of our clients provided that they agree to it – just let us know what industries or types of projects would be most relevant to you.