Become part of the 112hub supplier network

1 Day

Get in touch with us and we will reply to your request within 1 working day to schedule an in-depth call. The call itself is a condensed version of our 2 month assessment process.

1 Week

It takes us under 1 week to decide whether we can move forward with thoroughly assessing your company. You will receive an answer, be it positive or negative, in 5 working days.

2 Months

If everything goes well, your company will be monitored by one of our team for 2 full months. We’ll evaluate your company’s culture, procedures and communication flow.

Contact us today

and schedule a call

One of our representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible – typically in under 24 hours Monday through Thursday. Friday inquiries will most likely get a reply the following Monday.

Why be part of our network
of software development companies?

We are an Eastern European company with roots in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. As a result, we understand what companies in Western Europe are looking for and we are culturally similar to software companies in the Eastern region. This allows us to better bridge two different worldviews and mindsets.

Dedicated Account Management

All our projects come with a dedicated account manager meant to improve your relationship with your client and keep everyone on the same page. Through our monthly and quarterly reports, as well as various other touchpoints, the account manager is the one entity that has a neutral overview of what’s happening.

A robust source of software development projects

We are highly selective of the projects we take on – this means that the ones that we do work on benefit every party involved. Your company will work on better projects (which tend to attract more work), your developers portfolios will look better and our clients will get better services than they would elsewhere.

Useful knowledge transfer opportunities

A positive side-effect of working with so many diverse companies across the world is the know-how our team accumulates. Know-how that we share with the members in our network, our clients and the key stakeholders in every project we take care of.