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We believe there are 2 facets to any co-developed project – technical requirements and culture/work philosophy constraints. Our team’s assessment process and project evaluation methodology takes both into account. This ensures that you and the companies you are matched with have similar work ethic and procedures. On top of this, our project-centric account managers will be there to further facilitate the smooth collaboration between you and your selected tech team.


Enjoy Dedicated Account Management From Start To Finish

Your dedicated account manager will make sure that the project is delivered according to plan. Our project-centric approach is meant to protect the project from scope creep, delays and problems caused by miscommunication or reporting failures. As such, there are several monthly and quarterly milestones that we set and track.

Monthly milestones

Account management is concerned with prevention, accountability and sustainability. Monthly evaluations allow us to spot potential problems before they become serious threats, regroup if needed and improve team dynamics.

Key Activities

Each month, your dedicated account manager will work with your in-house PM and the external team to produce a detailed report of that month’s activities.


Drawing on the activity report data, your account manager will highlight any issues that the project is facing or that might appear further down the line.

Upcoming Activities

Together with PMs on both sides, we will put together a comprehensive list of tasks that are to be tackled in the following months.


Anything and everything that went awry or rather well but not according to plan is to be reported and grouped into actionable insights.

Quarterly milestones

All projects are also extensions of our assessment process. That is why quarterly reports are as much about the status of the project as they are about the relationships between teams.

Work summary

Being involved in a project can have an unwanted effect – shortsightedness. It can be spectacularly easy to lose track of what’s important, so a quarterly summary of what has been done is a welcome breath of fresh air. And a stabilising force.


Feedback comes in two forms – immediate, spur-of-the-moment feedback and delayed feedback. The former tends to be either extremely positive or disappointingly negative, while the latter is a lot more grounded. And better suited to inform decision makers of what needs to change.


Building on the monthly findings and recommendations, this corroborated report is meant to help managers better evaluate whether the quarterly feedback is lacking or on point.

Future Work

The quarterly report ends with our Future Work assessment. All the data we collect – feedback, results, problems and how they were fixed – helps all involved parties make a crucial decision: what future projects will be handled in a similar fashion and what needs to change.

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An Account Manager will be assigned to you after the initial discovery talk, depending on the nature of your product and the structure of your team.